Our Services

Your first appointment at the clinic will begin with an assessment. This includes noting your general health, foot health and any medication you may be taking.

After the initial assessment, a treatment plan will be formed which may include:

A simple nail cut You may have difficulty bending down to cut your toenails. That is why I started a nail cutting service. It is excellent value and is much appreciated by patients.

A one-off treatment for a particular problem e.g. uncomfortable callus Along with some advice, one treatment may be all that is necessary.

Regular treatment for a problem that may recur For example, a painful corn or ingrown toenail which causes discomfort.

Biomechanical assessment This is the assessment of how the foot moves and works. Problems in this area can lead to pain on walking or standing.

The pain can be felt in the foot, ankles, knees or lower back. More often than not a simple inexpensive insole is all that is needed.

Nail Surgery For ingrowing toenails that do not improve with conservative treatment.